Writing is not a talent but a skill. Writing is good media to show off who we are and what we know and how we live. Some are afraid to write; however, they have something to share. They refuse to write due to lack of knowledge in grammar.My friend, don’t be afraid to write as long as you have something to share. Grammar is not a problem. It can be learned through reading and application.

1. Know your audience.
The audience are your reader. You are going to influence them,
so choose the right words that would catch their attention and that would
let them comprehend what you are conveying.

2. Install Creativity and Originality.
Put something that would lead the readers to think about what you are writing.
Be original, put something that comes from you. Put something they don’t
expect. Put something that they didn’t knew yet.

3. Sentence Unity.
Every sentence should have connection with each
other like the water in the river, which flows smoothly.
Moreover unity lessens boredom in reading.

4. Focus on you idea.
The ideas you want to share must be visible directly
and indirectly in every thought. Not focusing would
make your readers adrift.

5. Read, Edit, rewrite…
After finishing your piece of art leave it for an hour then go back
to read it(this will make proofreading easy). Proofread at least 3
times. Remove unnecessary words, phrase or sentences.

6. Grammar.
You can learn grammar by reading books about grammar.
There are also online grammar lessons for free. Don’t worry
about your grammar just write and write with regular grammar lessons.

Writing with your own style is better than imitating other
people’s style of writing. Writing is like being yourself and you
should not be controlled by other stereotypes.

Writers are not born, they are made.


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